Cast off!
From idea to success

Define the course

Refine strategies, establish brands intelligently

In order to be already well conceived during the conception phase, we prefer to be by your side from the very beginning. The LizenzWerft understands itself as a neutral consultant for licensor as well as for licensees and the retailers.

Dry Dock

Design and product development 

For maximum success, product, design and brand should be optimally aligned. For this to succeed, we support you with an attuned team of specialists, if needed. Therewith it is guaranteed, that your target group will like the product and the sales are correct.

“I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.” – Ricky Skaggs

The right crew is what really matters

Whether you would like to establish a brand, give an existing brand more tailwind or search as a production company for a strong brand partnership – the team spirit is crucial. Only together we can achieve our common goals! 

Keep the ship clean and clear

Contracts, reports and payments

Working with lincenses starts mostly with a good collaborative contract. Followed by solid reporting, the measurement of results and the review of contractual agreed payments. For making sure that all of this is guaranteed, we will take care of it.

Anchors aweigh

Finding marketing channels and accompany the sales

The right sales strategies and the right positioning in the sales channels have an immense importance in order that a product will reach the end-consumer. We counsel manufacturers as well as retailers and licensors. At this point you will also profit from our large and over decades grown network. 

Close to the wind

Keeping brands on course

Since years it is a matter of our hearts to develop brands. For example, we give new brands a strong first presence and continue keeping them successful on course.

Open sight

Investigation and market research

Experience constitutes a crucial basis at an independent consultation. But we also want to know what secures the future success, always. This is why we include individual market research and trend analysis in our consultancy and planning.

Crew training

Trainings and seminars that help and secure

Keep you and your employees always up to date of the most important topics regarding the licence business. We provide trainings and seminars concerning different topics. It is also possible to adjust them individually to your company.

You would like to grant your licenses or you are interested in them?

Great. In both cases we are on the right way. We are looking forward to hear from you.