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Our know-how is based on more than 30 years of work experience and we are provably very successful.

Christopher Conzen

Managing Director / Owner
T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 10

My motivation: My reason are all the good people I was able to get to know and to appreciate over the years. Especially my family, my friends and my business partners. I bring them together, we exchange ideas and we commonly make the world a better place.

My story: After 25 very good and formative years as CEO of the Miles Group and the captain of five very different associations at that time, I want to implement my knowledge, that made me to what I am today, through my self-employment with my friend and highly-valued colleague Peter Bichler.

At the same time, I appreciate the freedom to determine my appointments on my own and to be able to perform without any corporate constraints. Besides the wonderful people next to me, I appreciate this personal luck in my career. I am really looking forward to the future.

Peter Bichler

Managing Director / Owner
T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 11

My motivation: I am an absolute team player and there are not a lot of better things, than being happy about common successes. To always find new ideas and solutions for it, is part of my nature. I am really glad to have Christopher Conzen, as a friend and business partner by my side, who completes the team and the offer so wonderfully through his daily inspirations.

My story as licensing director: The later licence business started at Herlitz in Berlin followed by the occupational change as the General Manager at Warner Bros. in Hamburg, accompanied by a few years on the advisory board of the LIMA association and since 2011 finally the self-employment with LizenzWerft. Within all these years of licence experience the international, personal contacts and connections to the decision maker on manufacturer and trade side and to the right holder could grew through common successes. With my friend and business partner Christopher Conzen, I am constantly working on questioning the license industry in a positive way. The crew of LizenzWerft is my family and together we daily develop the range of offer and services further.

Ebru Schildt
Brand Managerin

T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 12

I really enjoy being able to work in different projects. Taking care of always having a sustainable production chain is my personal goal, no matter if it is about our office or the end consumer. Going into a sustainable future step by step is the right way and exactly my objective!

Jan Jacob Peters
Brand Director

T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 15

A bastion of calm – maybe it sounds a bit rude, but it flatters me. Probably because I am both: prudent and creative. I am the joker for situations where the solution is difficult to find. For my customers and their brands as well as for my colleagues, I am the one they can always rely on.

Franziska Wetter
Junior Brand Managerin

T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 14

I am really happy to combine my degree in international marketing with my passion for the film and celebrity industry. As fun-loving and open-minded person, I really appreciate the solidarity of the LizenzWerft team. Together we are strong and lead our projects successfully into their destination.


Hinrich Stürken
Brand Director

T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 16

Su Rahtjen
Sales + Merchandising Managerin

T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 18

Brigitta Kreß
Finance & Administration Manager

T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 13


Ulrich Seyer
Senior  Branch Manager Industry & Retail 

T. +49 40  237 67 11 - 19